Datamatrix can provide the resources for Data Entry and Data Processing requirements while simultaneously reducing your costs, substantially, and adding to your bottom line. This will enable you to reduce your overhead by eliminating the need for in-house employees for your Data Entry and Data Processing jobs. Outsourcing your Data Entry and Data Processing projects allows you to reduce and control your costs and enables management to focus on areas that are directly related to the company’s business.  

We have a large pool of permanent employees that are dedicated to Data Entry and Data Processing - this enables Datamatrix to provide quality and on-time results for our customers. Since we do not rely on temporary help, we are able to eliminate the errors experienced by most Data Processing companies who rely on temporary or part time employees for such jobs. This has been our core business for 15 years and have many satisfied customers who have been associated with us over the years.

Our expertise is largely in areas of Data Entry, HTML/SGML Coding, OCR-Conversion, and other related areas.

  • Free text Entry.
  • Forms Processing.
  • OCR Conversion.
  • Data Design and Development.
  • Typesetting.
  • HTML/SGML Coding.

Quality checks & Measures: To ensure high accuracy of data, our system ensures various quality measures such as :

  • Double Key Verification.
  • Line wise & Character wise matching.
  • Manual Proof Reading.
  • Random Sampling.