Established in 1986 Datamatrix is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, time bound, cost effective services in the areas of Data Processing and Software Development.

Electronic components are sourced from Taiwan and toys from China because these countries offer the most competitive location in the world for the manufacture of such items. Global sourcing is no longer restricted to goods - many corporations are already sourcing "services" from whichever corner of the world that offers them the most competitive environment. Services such as Data Entry, Data Processing, Software Development, Call Centers, E-mail Reply Centers etc. are increasingly being sourced from India by major international corporations.

India has an abundance of English speaking computer literate pool of workers who are available at a fraction what similar workers would cost in the US and other Western countries. With a history of 15 years in this field, Datamatrix is in a position to offer low-cost solutions to companies and institutions who are looking to outsource their Data Processing and Software Development projects.

  • Efficient services in Data Processing
  • Data preparation which includes various types of data acquisition techniques, data entry and verification
  • Software Development and support for maintenance
  • Total Software Solutions - which consists of implementation of projects on a turnkey basis.
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